Have you ever wanted to meet legends like
Ashley Cole and Roberto Carlos in person?
Palla Diamond Ball NFTs do that,
and so much more.

# of SCSG Palla Diamond Balls and Scarves
100 Balls
500 Scarves
Mint price
0.05-3.7 $ETH
Mint date
29.07.2022 3pm UTC
1st and 2nd Palla Diamond Radar Balls drop
Palla Radar Diamond Ball price increase on next drop
Palla Diamond Radar balls
drop date
StarCard Sports Games Story

SCSG is the first of its kind social impact play-to-earn gaming platform, that bridges the digital divide between real-life athletes at all levels and their digital avatars.

It is a data-driven platform that brings real-world data from the players’ human performances into RPG and managerial strategy style play-to-earn games.

SCSG is building a scaleable robust digital economy that allows players and investors to earn while having fun. We do all of this while raising awareness about and driving revenue to some of the world’s leading environmental non-profit organizations.

Kicking off the SCSG journey is the sale of the rarest of NFTs in the ecosystem: The Palla Diamond Radar Ball NFTs.

Palla Diamond Radar Balls are your gateway to tremendous real life priceless experiences. This includes meeting football legends like Ashley Cole, Roberto Carlos and others.

They are also the keys to unlocking a wide variety of exclusive benefits in the SCSG ecosystem such as higher APYs, discounts, metaverse access, in-game advantages and income generation.

It's time for kick off!

Our Team

Our team is led by Steve Schechter, a proven technology entrepreneur, who previously founded and helped scale a publicly traded marketplace platform company.

He is supported by accomplished technologists, partners and advisors across multiple disciplines ranging from cryptocurrency, M&A, talent management to legal counsel.

Beyond their drive for innovation, success and sports, fundamentally the team share a unified passion for giving back to communities and social impact.
Steve Schechter
CEO x Founder
Alex Schechter
Community Manager
Mamadou Mbodji
Samantha Collins
Jeff Bone
Micah Pellerin
Justin Nahama

Ashley Cole - SCSG Legend

How the sale works

The first sale happened at 03:00pm UTC (11:00am EST) on 29th July 2022.

There were  5 Palla Diamond Radar Balls (1 $ETH each), and 5 Palla Diamond Radar Ball Pairs (1 .5 $ETH each) were sold out in minutes.

On 11th August 2022 the next 10 Palla Diamond RadarBalls were dropped. The price increased by 1.5 $ETH and 2.25 $ETH respectively and sold out again within minutes.

New scarves were uploaded on the week of 1st August 2022.

From here there will be small incremental price increases on each drop until the 100 Palla Diamond Radar Balls are sold out.

Palla Scarves and Diamond Balls

Current and future benefits for Palla Scarves and Diamond Balls are unique in the SCSG ecosystem.

These two assets are especially unique as their APY boosters for $SCSG token are stackable. That means you can have a Diamond Ball, and a scarf to total a further 12.5% APY on top of whatever other item you have and the farm APY itself.

The Diamond Balls, of course, are also your tickets to meet The Legends Ashley Cole, Roberto Carlos, and other legends in person and take photos with them at an exclusive private event. And that's just the start.

Scarf Benefits

The scarf is where it all starts.

There are only 500 of these unique and rare NFTs with traits like higher stackable APY earning for your $SCSG farming rewards, in-game benefits and many other rewards.

These are UNIQUE. Only these scarves and the diamond balls offer stackable APY rewards.

Key features of SCSG Palla Scarf NFT on ARC

2.5% APY books on $SCSG DeFi Farms - STACKABLE

Like the Diamond Balls, the APY for this NFT has the rare trait of having STACKABLE APY!

In-game benefits for StarCard Sports Games

5 point increase of Penalty Kick Accuracy attribute in New World Football Alliance


Gain access to a private community channel within the SCSG Discord.

Physical items and discounts

The original owner will be able to redeem a code for a free matching scarf and enjoy 5% discount on all Palla products

IMPORTANT UPDATE: The first 10 Palla Diamond Radar Balls sold out in seconds from listing. The next 10 balls launch on 11th August 2022. The price of the Ball NFTs increases gradually at each drop.

Palla Diamond Radar Ball NFT Benefits

Only 100 Diamond Radar Balls exist.

50 Diamond Radar Balls, and 50 Diamond Radar Ball pairs.

These unique NFTs will give the owner access to meet The Legends Roberto Carlos, Ashley Cole and other legends, in person in London. They will also carry in-game advantages as well as unique APY boosters for the $SCSG staking farms.
buy your PALLA diamond RaDAR ball

Palla Diamond Radar Ball Pair NFT Benefits

All the features of Palla Diamond Radar Ball, and caters for 2 people traveling to meet Ashley Cole, Roberto Carlos, and other legends as well as attending the cocktail party.

Perfect for friends traveling together or for partners.
buy your PALLA diamond RaDAR ball

Key features of SCSG Palla Radar Diamond Balls

Travel to meet the LEGENDS in London!

Travel to meet the legends like Roberto Carlos, Ashley Cole, and other legends at an exclusive event in London.
- $300 travel credit vouchers
- One hotel room for 2 nights in London (4 or 5 star hotel)
- Meet and greet with the SCSG Legends
- Cocktail party (food and drinks inc.)

10% APY books on $SCSG DeFi Farms - STACKABLE

Enjoy STACKABLE 10% APY boost when staking your $SCSG in StarCard upcoming DeFi farms.

There are only 100 of these rare NFTs, and you can stack them with other boosters and with the scarves of an extra boost!

Raffle entries

2 raffle entries into additional prizes and 10%chance of winning an Aurora City Council member NFT. This NFT gives the holder:

- Key to the city NFT which enables significantly enhanced teleportation capabilities in game

- Premium Seat in SCSG Stadium (NFT) which gives the owner a stream of income whenever their seat is sold for live concerts and events happening in the stadium

- Free full Stamina/Energy for life in game (no need to top up. Stamina just stays at 100%)

- Special glow for avatar to flex in New World as a City Council member

Palla merchandise & discounts

- Palla merchandise including

2 Authentic Palla Aurora jerseys,
2 fan shirts,
2 scarves,
2 beanies,
2 Palla Diamond Radar Balls ($550 value)

- Over and above the gifted merchandise mentioned above, the owner of the NFT will enjoy a 20% discount on all Palla products

Premium match tickets

- 2 premium tickets to an English Premier League match


Gain access to a private community channel within the SCSG Discord.

Roberto Carlos - SCSG Legend


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