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Wednesday, July 13, 2022

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It's time for Change.

Over the past 2 weeks, you may have noticed some changes at ARC.

Some familiar folks exit side stage, and new faces shine in the spotlight.

Spring has clearly sprung and a new Summer is in full bloom for our humble company.

Movement is life.

"We started our journey with a vision to be crypto's central command console. While that vision is still alive and well at the beating heart of ARC, our vision has expanded and our approach is maturing." - TJ Dunham, CEO of ARC

The market is shifting at a rapid rate, and new solutions rise and fall with the tides of change.

The need to find greater efficiency in trading, DeFi and building new solutions is a constant, and one that is growing rapidly.

Delta is the new Alpha.

Our new iCMO, and strategic advisor EnigmaFund, has been flexing new narratives that encapsulate our mission.

What does "Delta is the new Alpha" mean? ... and how is it relevant to ARC? Enigma shares:

"When I started advising TJ across different areas, nothing was off the table in terms of discussion. It takes that kind of coachability and open attitude for real change to set in fast. That kind of attitude is resonant with every person at the company. One thing was clear: the value ARC is in how its products save time, money, and energy. Measuring that delta our products create, is how this company's value will be measured. The time and money you save on swaps where buys and sells that are 40% faster than Uniswap and 30% cheaper on gas fees, through to the Arc Reactor which speeds up development by 100x or more.

That's not just a cost saving to the company, it's the psychological pain involved in trying to understand code you haven't written, right through to the reduction in environmental impact from less energy expended in running an entire company for the research and development process."

Watch this space.

If you're reading this, you're seeing this on our new website, which is a reflection of our team's drive to achieve greater clarity surrounding our passionate mission to make the world of WEB3.0 more accessible and responsible to the environment.

That long arm of that resolution stretches right through to the heart of our company, as we focus on structure and timing. We're overhauling process to product, product to process.

Thank you for your patience, support and good will.

July and August are going to be times of great change and progress.

Yours truly,

The Arc Team.