Next-Gen Isomorphic
AI Engine

Self-Building and Self-Learning Applications


The ChatGPT of Web3.

The LycheeAI Engine is a peer-to-peer self-improving Artificial Intelligence that can write, debug, analyze, improve and understand software & Smart Contracts.

Artificial intelligence

What it can do

LycheeAI will be the core technology allowing us to explore and develop tools such as AI Generated Code Suggestions and Edits, Plain Text dApp Generation and AI Assisted Debugging.

The LycheeAI system stands to reduce Smart Contract development time enormously.

In addition to revolutionizing the Smart Contract development experience, LycheeAI will allow us to explore concepts on our DeFi ecosystem such as Free Market Arbitrage, and On-chain AI Tools.


How Lychee works

Typically, language models (like GPT) analyze text data to predict word probability. By putting this data through an algorithm that creates rules for context in natural language, they interpret it. In order to accurately anticipate or generate new sentences, the model then applies these principles to language problems.

Importantly during this process when applied to code or applications while GPT can understand and accurately assess the probability of certain words or sentences matching the users input, it doesn't actually have a grasp on the development landscape.

LycheeAI seeks to solve this problem by serializing all components within the engine. This data is able to be interpreted in a manner which allows the AI to understand user goals as well as the development environment which gives Lychee a distinct advantage on technical applications like code generation or debugging.


LycheeAI Core Features

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  • Automatic Smart Contract Generation
  • AI assisted Error Detection and Solution Generation
  • Text-to-Smart-Contract
  • Exploit Detection & Solution Generation
  • Isomorphic (Cross Platform)
  • Serialization System allows Re-Simulation on any Platform
  • Incredibly Lightweight
  • UI and Layout Generation

The Technical Stuff

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  • Graphical Asset/Entity/Scene Design Tool (lychee.js Studio)
  • Graphical Server Management Tool (lychee.js Ranger)
  • Cross-Platform Compiler Bootstrapping Library (lychee.js Crux)
  • Command-Line Continous Integration Server (lychee.js Harvester)
  • Command-Line Wizard for Projects and Libraries (lychee.js Breeder)
  • Command-Line Builder and Cross-Compiler (lychee.js Fertilizer)
  • Command-Line Fuzz-Tester and Code-Refactorer (lychee.js Strainer)

Further Features of The Lychee Engine

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  • Automated Code Refactoring, Bug Fixing and Code Improvements
  • Automated Design Tracking, Layout and Flow Optimization
  • Automated Packaging for Embedded, Console, Mobile, Desktop and Server Apps
  • Automated Deployment via git and Live-Updates
  • Automated Reactive/Responsive UI/UX Components
  • Automated Debugging, Network and UI/UX Flow Analysis
  • Automated Testing and Integration with the AI
  • Automated Networking (Peer-to-Peer HTTP1.1/2.0 and WS13 with Local/Global Discovery)
  • Automated Network Services and Traffic Balancing/Sharding
Winning the hearts of nasa

LycheeAI honoured in international NASA competition

Competing directly against human teams in international competition. LycheeAI made it to the finals, and was awarded Peoples Choice award. For it's game representing the ISS through challenging event changes and survival zone simulations. All generated within 24 hours.


While a public release is still far away, we're accepting applicants for our waitlist to get their hands on a LycheeAI demo before anyone else. If you're interested, fill out the form.
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