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JUP Apes is a 10k profile-focused NFT collection that will
act as a reward and governance mechanism for the
JUPITER project and its marketplace LEDA.

# of JUP Apes
Mint price
0.06 $ETH
Mint date
25.07.2022 4pm UTC
JUP Apes Story

JUP Apes - The first ever 10k PFP NFT project to be released on the Jupiter blockchain - Funds raised through JUP Ape sales will go towards further development. 100 JUP Apes have been minted on LEDA, Jupiter's NFT marketplace.
90% of all funds gathered from the sale of JUP Apes is used to further the development of the JUP Apes project, LEDA mark and the JUPITER Blockchain.
Ownership of a JUP Ape bequeaths the owner the right of governance, having a say as to how the funds are spent, and which features come first.
900 Apes will be available initially on ARC's NFT Marketplace

Our Team

The JUP Apes team is led by John Eggleston. John became interested in crypto in 2019, since then has especially become passionate about the future of NFTs. John is also a passionate artisan who creates art with high-voltage electricity and wood! Be sure to check out the video of his Electric Fractal Timber Art (EFTA) below.

JUP Apes Benefits

Current and future benefits for JUP Apes owners


Beyond having a say in JUP's future and governance, we have some amazing giveaways and other benefits for people buying JUP Apes on ARC's marketplace.

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Key features of JUP Apes on ARC

1MM $JUP tokens to share

Thanks to the Jupiter team we have 1MM Jupiter tokens to give away over the next weeks to $ARC stakers & JUP Ape buyers.

$ARC tokens

Some JUP Ape owners will receive $ARC tokens in giveaways, as part of our ongoing xDROP partnership commitment

ASTRO Punks and more

ASTRO Punks, by Josh Sommers will be given away to buyers and giveaway participants. More than art they are utility tokens for the future JUP Apes ecosystem.

EFTAs by John Eggleston

We will be giving away gorgeous Electric Fractal Timber Art to buyers and stakers, accompanied with NFT certificates of authenticity.

Electric Fractal Timber Art

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