Julien Adler

Strategic Advisor

Throughout his 40-year entrepreneurial career, Julien has navigated the calm seas and intense storms that business growth brings. 

He has lent his wealth of experience to organizations like NASA and Stanford University, Fortune 500 firms such as Visa, Google, Apple, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, MetLife, and more, as well as a wide variety of other established businesses and startup entrepreneurs.

As a CFO and strategic advisor, Julien has sat on several corporate boards and managed millions in revenue.

His expertise ranges from risk assessment and compliance, to auditing and corporate governance. He frequently manages accounting, budgeting, and management control as well as  facilitates vital communication between various stakeholders to ensure the goals of an organization align with the company's financial roadmap. Regardless of the business activity or industry, it is not uncommon for Julien's clients to double their income within six months of working together.

In addition to his financial work, Julien explores the modern convergence of business, psychology, neurology, and behavioral dynamics in his writing. Julien has coached hundreds of entrepreneurs and executives throughout his career and delivered over 100 workshops. He has published over 150 business leadership articles - the top one receiving over one million views.

Julien has been actively involved in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain since 2018, closely advising startups that have raised more than $30MM and have achieved over $500MM Market Cap. He is also an investor in various projects and is currently building two newcomers (in stealth) to the world of DeFi and NFTs.

Julien is an avid investor and is an active partner in three tech engineering firms in addition to his other investments and partnerships. Julien is the co-founder at Om Heals.

Past Experiece

- Executive leader, investor and coach at Adler Enterprises

- Co-founder at Om Heals

- Managing director at Albion Angels investment group

- CFO at Technica Communications

- Financial advisor at UPL Enterprises

- Financial advisor at Conquest Cannabis

- Co-founder and advisor at Appropel, Inc.

- Senior software engineer at Secant

Roles and responsibilites

In his capacity as strategic advisor, Julien's key responsibilities consist of:

- Coaching C-level team

- Advising on strategy 

- Guiding business structure and formation

- Building executive presence

- Scaling infrastructure

- Fundraising guidance and preparation

- Contract negotiation practices

- Technological and IP ownership

– "Whether I’m serving as an executive leadership coach, chief financial officer, or strategic advisor, I strive to serve as a growth champion to individuals and companies leveraging their influence to create a better world. I'm excited about the tech Arc is creating which help proliferate trustless ecosystems."

- Julien Adler

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