Jasper Wigley

Head of Business Development and Sales

Jasper Wigley - ARC Sales and Accounts Manager

Jasper’s entrepreneurial passion was sparked back in 2016, working for fintech start-up Bink. Working in business development during Bink's early days, he witnessed the team scale out from a small scrappy team huddled together in a room to over 200.

Since then, Jasper has worked across traditional marketing, business development and product design roles, achieving significant milestones that drive business success in these areas.

Beyond handling major product launches for Primark & New Look, Jasper exceeded expectations by acquiring over 3 million streams for Viska, solely through organic campaigns. Being aware of the Web3 space for several years, Jasper naturally began becoming increasingly attracted and immersed in the world of DeFi. Founding his own crypto-media Brand, as well as a host of twitter pages, his knowledge of the space, as well as NFTs, rapidly expanded.

Due to his involvement with ARC during the project’s earliest days and most formative moments, Jasper has become a familiar face to many in the community, as well as in the NFT space at large.

From helping to manage ARC’s social media presence and marketing campaigns, to driving ARC's company partnerships and collaboration, his work ethic and passion for the organization have made him an essential cog in the ARC machine. Combining his hunger and experience, both within ARC and elsewhere, Jasper is the perfect fit, driving our sales and running accounts.

Past Experiece

- Kangaroo Krypto - Co-founder and Curator

- Viska Music - Marketing executive and Co-Producer. Amassed over 3MM streams across Spotify, YouTube and Soundcloud. Organized and performed over 50 times.

- United Clothing - Worked across marketing, product design, market research. Successfully handled product launches for Primark and New Look.

- Bink - Assisted in the expansion of the company from grass-roots startup to growing into a multi-faceted team.

- Bachelor of Science - University of Bristol

Roles and responsibilites

As ARC's dedicated Sales and Accounts Manager, Jasper's role spans crucial areas of the company, from driving sales, assisting managing accounts and assisting ARC to innovate in business development & marketing. His key responsibilities consist of:

- Creating a holistic sales approach and structure for others to follow
- Managing and inspiring the sales associates
- Constantly reaching out and pitching to new potential partners and clients
- Ensuring customer success, by synergistically mobilizing different departments towards achieving customer goals
- Onboarding  incoming partner and sales leads, as well as maintaining important partner relationships
- Suggesting innovations that can improve client success
- Being an upstanding representative of ARC in social media, online communities and in the blockchain ecosystem

– "It's an absolute privilege to devote myself to our ambitious vision and work with such a skilled and dedicated team. I will continue to give my absolute utmost for every member of the community and those that have supported us throughout this journey. I've seen what's just over the horizon... and it's exhilarating"

- Jasper Wigley

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