A gateway to revenue sharing, governance,
future ecosystem, and the ARC Reactor


Total Supply


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Rewards shared with $ARC stakers

$ARC Benefits

Current and future benefits for $ARC stakers

Farm Rewards

Staking your $ARC tokens offer rewards in our farms.

It's Raining Airdrops!

Our partnership deals deliver airdrops of new tokens and/or NFTs to share with $ARC stakers.

Recently we dropped $ARC stakers 5MM StarCard Sports Games tokens!
That's just the start.

$ARC xDrop partnerships are here.
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Heart Of The ARC Ecosystem

The $ARC token sits at the heart of our growing ecosystem.

All revenues generated are shared with $ARC stakers, as are NFTs from partner deals. Future features include governance and gas fees models.
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– "We believe that our loyal $ARC stakers should share in every aspect of our success and future governance. Revenue, scale, rewards and more."

- TJ Dunham, CEO

$ARC Utility (current and future)

Revenue Sharing & Airdrops

Staking $ARC earns you a share of revenue that we realize, including partnership deals involving tokens and NFTs.

ARC Reactor Access

To access ARC Reactor, especially in Beta phase, minimum amounts of $ARC must be staked, removing liquidity from circulation.

Gas Fees for Reactor (future)

ARC Reactor switches things up a notch for the $ARC token utility. Watch this space.

Governance and Access

As we evolve, we are building a path to a DAO for inclusivity and governance.

Current token distribution

- Total: 998MM
- Locked in UniCrypt: 49.7%
- Ecosystem Development: 20%
- Circulating Supply: 30.3%

The ARC token distribution


Accumulate and then farm for rewards!
There is only one $ARC 🤩. Contract address: