the Ledger

Decentralized technologies don't need to be tough to develop.

2 years

Time to create a complex WEB3.0 project such as Synapse Protocol.

3 minutes

To recreate, modify and ship as your own with ARC reactor.

"Developing WEB3.0  smart contracts and dApps is complex and expensive!"... or is it?

ARC Reactor and DRAGN can ingest any WEB3.0 code base, represent it in simple diagrams explaining every function which you can edit.
Simply add new functions via drag-and-drop and ship it as your own.


Paradigm Shift

The myth of "open source" code is that it's fast and free to build on.

Experience will tell you otherwise. Understanding what the functions do and how they inter-relate can cost hundreds of hours equaling an enormous amount of dollars lost.

ARC Reactor rapidly removes this barrier through an instantaneous generation of visual diagrams for all functions, vastly reducing the learning and development curve.


ARC Reactor enables your team to ingest, modify and ship any dApp anywhere in seconds... with or without an internet connection.

DRAGN is our platform that allows you to ship dApps entirely from your mobile phone.

What will you do with all this extra time and freedom from stress?
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$ARC token

Initially we are offering ARC Reactor and DRAGN to stakers of the $ARC token.

Different levels of access require different amounts of tokens staked.

In the near future we will be launching a robust SaaS solution.

We also support educators, learners and researchers. Contact us to learn more.
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Building with Reactor and DRAGN

What is the difference between ARC Reactor and DRAGN?


Reactor is a product that can ingest any WEB3.0 code, on any EVM chain, turn it into a functional diagram that explains each function, has edit functions and a ready library of new functions and ships that code as your own. DRAGN is a similar product that allows you to ship any dApp entirely from your mobile phone.

Reactor is no code, right? No code leaves people locked into vendors!


Existing no code solutions lock you into the vendors. You're left with complex spaghetti code and need to use their framework and tools.
With ARC Reactor, there is no vendor-lock-in. You take the best-in-class code, edit it with our tools and can build upon that code freely. This is a core philosophy of the open-source code movement: Freedom to build the best solutions for the world.

Wait, so I can use this for ANY EVM-compatible chain?


Yep! AVAX, ETH, BNB, MATIC, ADA, TRX, ONE, AURORA... the whole caboodle.

How do I pay for this?


In this beta phase, we have different packages to suit different scale of implementation. You simply buy some $ARC and stake it to qualify for different levels, and share some revenue you generate with us. In the very near future, we will be launching a SaaS model as well for more traditional clients.

Can I get accredited to build with $ARC?


We are planning an accreditation program over time to enhance our ability to support the upcoming burgeoning market we believe Reactor will tap into. Stay tuned 📺.

Get started

Contact us to discuss use cases for ARC Reactor and DRAGN.

Our solution works for every EVM, from Ethereum, Avalanche, Polygon and BNB to Harmony, Tron and Cardano.
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Set a time with our team to demo ARC Reactor and DRAGN (currently in Beta). Our team is waiting to strategize with you to help you build your use case.
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Partner Program

The ARC Reactor Buidl Partner Program is an initiative to find strong partners who share our passion to remove barriers in building for Web3.0 and beyond.

From business development, to research right through to technological partnerships, we want to hear from you.
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ARC is a fast-growing team with many opportunities to join the team, collaborate or partner.

From time-to-time we raise strategic rounds of funding to accelerate our trajectory or achieve tactical goals.

Discuss our Series Seed with us today, or connect and plan for future rounds.
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