Aleksander Rendtslev

Strategic and Technology Advisor

Aleksander Rendtslev - ARC Technical and Strategic Advisor, Founder of Bounce, CTO and co-founder of Arkive.

Aleksander Rendtslev is an avid innovator, entrepreneur and technologist.

He began his career consulting on several projects for IPSOS, and embarked upon his entrepreneurial journey in 2012 founding Kare Creations and Kare Media.

In 2016 Aleksander founded Reflectly, the world's first intelligent journal. Inspired by his enjoyment of journaling as a powerful tool to drive positive mental health, and frustrated with current offerings, he set upon creating a journal that utilizes artificial intelligence to help users structure and reflect upon your daily thoughts and problems. Reflectly is designed to be your personal mental health companion.

To date, Reflectly has received over $5MM in venture capital investment, and continues on its growth trajectory.

Blazing a trail of success after success, Aleksander went on to found Bounce, which recently raised $13MM led by prestige venture capital firm A16z, Andreesen Horowitz. Bounce provides luggage storage and package acceptance in local shops - 8,000 locations worldwide.

Most recently, Aleksander co-founded Arkive, the world's first decentralized museum of culture curated by its members. Arkive puts forth an intriguing hypothesis: "What if the Smithsonian was owned and curated by the Internet?"

In short order, Aleksander and his co-founder Tom Mcleod (whose previously startup was acquired by Coinbase) went on to raise a significant $9.7MM seed round of funding and have already made 4 intriguing acquisitions.

Getting into the Arkive community is an accolade unto itself. The waitlist constantly multiplies in size, as the team rigorously curates members to ensure the quality of voting, discussion and rapport. All four of the acquisitions have been achieved via community consensus and deep discourse.

It is a privilege to welcome Aleksander as an advisor to the team, spearheading counsel to the management team in technology and adding tremendous value in the areas of entrepreneurship, strategy, and product.

Past Experiece

- Arkive - Co-founder and CTO

- Bounce - Founder and CTO

- Reflectly - Founder and CTO

- Kare Creations and Kare Media - Founder

- Aarhus University - Teaching Assistant

- Skykon - Buisness Development Assistant

- Bachelor of Science at AarHus Universitet, IT and Product Design

Roles and responsibilites

As ARC's technology, strategic and entrepreneurial advisor, Aleksander Rendtslev regularly works closely with the ARC management, technology and product team advising on a variety of matters including:

- Technological and product ownership and management
- Product innovation and strategy
- Building powerful communities
- Entrepreneurship and fundraising
- Achieving product market fit

– "Web3 has always been infrastructure that enables us to do things we couldn't in the past. But the first entries into the space has seen it an end goal. Arc is building the tooling required to welcome the next phase of entrants into web3, and that will be a game changer. A journey I'm thrilled to support and advise TJ on."

- Aleksander Rendtslev

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