BUILD like never before with Reactor.
Access all of DeFi, CeFi, NFTs.
ARC has you covered.

Develop Smart Contracts faster and cheaper by
Cheaper Gas Fees than Uniswap by
Faster than Uniswap by
Partner tokens airdropped to $ARC stakers

is the new

At ARC, we realize time and money are "THE" ALPHA. Our products deliver you significant savings of time and money when building for WEB3.0, or on either side of a trade

Big vision, low cost

ARC's vision is to supply the tools, dashboard and building blocks to become Crypto's Central Command Console.

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REACTORNo Code... you can build on.

Proprietary ARC Reactor and DRAGN tech empower you to create any EVM-chain WEB3.0 open source, smart contracts, dApps or mobile dApps... in seconds.

Code, no Code

Unlike other "no code" solutions, Reactor and DRAGN leave you with functional, best-in-class code you can build on.
Premium code, without being vendor-locked-in.

Get Visual

Stop wasting countless hours understanding complex code functions.
Reactor's unique functional diagram solutions create instant comprehension and control.


Comprehend and generate code 100x faster and cheaper on 22 EVM chains including Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Cardano, KuCoin Community Chain, Tron and more! (Solana soon.)
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Value meets speed

ARC's unique swaps are 40% faster than Uniswap and 30% cheaper on gas fees, on buys and sells.
Our proprietary NFT marketplace blends the best of class offerings, with innovative features that put our users first.
Staking $ARC means you share in up to 50% of our revenues* and get incredible airdrops of partner tokens and NFTs... and more.

Our Team

The ARC team is a passionate and driven collective, bound by a shared vision and mission to remove the barriers to a future for humanity, powered by self-sovereignty and decentralization. From leading a battalion of 150 soldiers in active deployment, to the inventor of Node Package Manager who led the development of the first Android OS prototype... we've got what it takes to see mission and vision, made manifest.

Our Advisors

Our strategic advisors are dedicated humans who each sport 10-30 years of experience in scaling technology, B2B and B2C startups to growth stage companies. Some are coaches to CxOs and VPs at Google, Tesla, Apple.
Some are marketing, products and tokenomics maestros of crypto, while others have built and sold 10 figure startups from scratch or have been instrumental senior executives blue-chip traditional banking institutions.